Thursday, May 24, 2012

Damn technology!

Once again, things are a little quiet in minks land. This is due to my computer deciding its time had come to go meet the great motherboard in the sky. I fear its untimely demise may have actually been the result of a lingering illness caused by one too many liquids finding their way onto the keyboard - i blame the kids!! I'm not that much of a tech head that I thought I'd have trouble without a computer, I mean there are other things to do, right? WRONG! I'm going insane! I have to check my email on the iPad, or my phone...I know! How can I possibly cope living under these conditions? Well, as has often been said to my oldest "suck it up, Princess". Hopefully mr tax man will be nice to us and I'll be able to get a new laptop soon... or should I say, my husband will get a new laptop and I'll inherit his old one (unless I'm banned after last nights teensy little accident where the twins may or may not have knocked my glass over his keyboard. But it was ok, we've learned our lesson and it had a plastic keyboard protector on it!). Aaaaanyway, I can't figure out how to get the bloody iPad to put the photos here, so once I've done my probation I'll steal the hubby's laptop and post some pics!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Absolutely nothing to do with stamping...

but I just had to show this little project I made for my husband to hang on the wall in his office.

For those of you who may not recognise it straight away, it's Roy & Moss from The IT Crowd (awesome show!), and Roy's opening line to almost every phone call he answers.
My John works in IT (doing something tricksy with computers that I don't understand) and has spent more than a few hours doing tech support for numpties like me in his career. And since he still has to do tech support for this particular numpty, I thought this little pressie might give him a chuckle :)

I found the pattern for it on a very cool blog called Dork Stitch, and even better, it was free! Now who doesn't love a free pattern? Huh? ;)

I'm planning on a couple of Harry Potter projects for my older boys next, and then I think I'll have to do this one, also from Dork Stitch! My oldest has this on a t-shirt, so I *have* to make it for him :)

So if I'm a little slack with posting my stamping creations, it's because I'm busily stitching away. But don't worry.. my craft phases never last for long, so I'll be back!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paper Players #93 & Mojo Monday MOJO239

Can you believe I found some time to make cards this week! OMG! It's all thanks to my friend Jo (hi Jo!). I was planning to spend Tuesday catching up on some housework, but Jo caught me in the car park at school after I dropped the big boys off. Conversation went something like this:

J: What are you up to today?

L: Nothing much, just a bit of housework.

J: Oh, do you have to?

L: *snort* NO! What do you have in mind?

J: I feel like making cards.

L: Ok... let's go!

I've come to the conclusion that I'm really not very dedicated to my housewifely duties, and will abandon them with the slightest provocation :) Yay me!

Anyway.. we did manage to get a bit of card making done while our three little terrrors ran around harassing  each other (well, it was more like my two terrors harassing her's), and eating rice crackers.

Here's what I ended up with for the challenges I decided to enter (and it will be a birthday card for my Nan, so bonus!).

The Paper Players #93 had a tic tac toe challenge - to pic three squares from their challenge board and include those elements on your card. I chose square card, ribbon and designer paper. The DSP I used was the gorgeous Sale-A-Bration paper Everyday Enchantment (love it!) and I used the organza ribbon from SAB as well.

I combined these elements with the sketch challenge over at Mojo Monday - Round or Square.

I'm hoping to get some more work done on my craft room this weekend, but it's not looking promising.. unless this rain keeps up and saturday morning soccer is cancelled ;)