Monday, May 7, 2012

Absolutely nothing to do with stamping...

but I just had to show this little project I made for my husband to hang on the wall in his office.

For those of you who may not recognise it straight away, it's Roy & Moss from The IT Crowd (awesome show!), and Roy's opening line to almost every phone call he answers.
My John works in IT (doing something tricksy with computers that I don't understand) and has spent more than a few hours doing tech support for numpties like me in his career. And since he still has to do tech support for this particular numpty, I thought this little pressie might give him a chuckle :)

I found the pattern for it on a very cool blog called Dork Stitch, and even better, it was free! Now who doesn't love a free pattern? Huh? ;)

I'm planning on a couple of Harry Potter projects for my older boys next, and then I think I'll have to do this one, also from Dork Stitch! My oldest has this on a t-shirt, so I *have* to make it for him :)

So if I'm a little slack with posting my stamping creations, it's because I'm busily stitching away. But don't worry.. my craft phases never last for long, so I'll be back!

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  1. OMG Lou I LOVE that show and the stitched wall hanging cracked me up !!!!!