Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's nearly Christmas!!!

I have no idea how a whole month has passed by... I'm sure I must have zombied my way through the odd day here and there! I could claim that this project took me most of that month to make, but 1) that would be a lie, and b) I would hope it would look a bit more blinged up if I had spent a month on it!

Most years we try to get the kids a Lego advent calendar instead of the chocolate type you get at the supermarket... I figure they are mental enough without having chocolate for breakfast! This year, though, since I have all these cool toys and my mad skillz, I thought I would try making one for the hubby and I - since chocolate for breakfast can only help us get through the day!

I found an awesome tutorial on Brenda Quintana's blog. It has videos, step-by-step photos and written instructions - hard to get it wrong! It's made just that little bit easier by using the Petal Card Punch for the box fronts. I strayed away from the traditional Christmas red & green to keep with my turquoise and silver/white decorating theme

So here it is... let me know what you think!

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