Sunday, February 10, 2013

Late start to the new year...

Hello again lovely crafters!

I apologise for my lack of attention to my blog so far this year. I've been feeling a bit sore, sad, and sorry for myself. I had to have all four of my wisdom teeth out - not a pleasant experience, let me tell you! The bottom two were a bit tricky to get out, being in rather stupid positions, and I was wallowing in pain, misery and self pity for a couple of weeks. I know... I'm a total sook!! Anyway, before I was really on the mend from my dental drama, I went through the heart breaking experience of having to say good bye to my beloved Stoli.
He was an old man (almost 15), and he never really recovered from having surgery last year to remove his ears - which were riddled with cancer. He developed a thyroid problem that medication wasn't really helping then on top of that the small cancerous spot on his nose became really agrgessive - basically eating his nose away. I promised him after his ear surgery that I wouldn't put him through any more, and sadly on January 22nd he made his last visit to the vet. I know some people might think I'm silly, but I know others will totally understand how heartbroken I still am - to the point that I'm bawling my eyes out while typing this! He was my best friend for nearly 15 years, and we had been through a lot together. I will miss him every day, while telling myself that I made the best decision I could for him.

So...while I dry my eyes, blow my nose and try to recover from the dreaded "red blotchies" that accompany my crying out burst, please enjoy the few cards I have managed to make. I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head for future projects - and who knows, I may even get around to making, photographing and blogging about them!

A birthday card I made for... ummm....someone special...?!?! (So long ago now that I can't remember!!)

The card I made my husband for our 11th Wedding Anniversary :)

I promise I won't leave it so long next time!


  1. Hi Lou
    Good to see you blogging again! I hope you feel better soon both from the loss of your wisdom teeth and especially the passing of your beloved Stoli. Pets can be just as special to anyone as people can and sometimes more because they love us unconditionally. Love your cards.

  2. Thanks Mae! I haven't forgotten that you still need to come and visit my (not so) new craft room! Let me know when you're in the area and I'll put the kettle on :)