Monday, November 14, 2011

Kindergarten love

My 5 year old has made a very cute new friend this year. At his school there are two kinder classes run on Monday/Tuesday, and he was lucky enough to be in a class with his best friend and quite a few other kids he knows pretty well. But quite early in the year he made friends with a little girl in the other classroom, named Sophie, and she is soooo cute! They draw pictures or make box-work for each other in class then swap them at the end of the day. Sophie made a pretty cool box-work clock and gave it to Ollie yesterday, so last night he asked me to make something special that he could give to her today. It had to have her name on it, and it *had* to be pink and purple, cos those are her favourite colours... so here it is!

I guess I'll hear after school whether she liked it or not :)

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