Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beautiful Butterflies

I am going to be ooooohhh so naughty today, and I'm going to try to have a rest while the twins are asleep and the big boys are playing Harry Potter! I know! How incredibly decadent of me to try to have a sit down in the middle of the day! Don't care though. Some days you just need to put your feet up and relax for a while. But before I get to go and do that, I must post about butterflies!! (well, hopefully... it may take a while typing on this clunky old keyboard. Apparently caramel lattes aren't good for laptop keyboards... who knew?)

One of my boys has a birthday party to go to on Sunday, so I thought I would try to make part of the gift. Since it's for a 5 (turning 6) year old girl, I was hoping that a cool, funky little note book would be well received. Of course, I am not actually capable of cool or funky, so this will have to do :)

I'm actually pretty happy with it - it came out almost the same as it was in my head (and my head more often than not waaaaaaaaaay overestimates my actual abilities). The beautiful butterflies die is, well, beautiful! There are so many options on how to use it, and let's be honest, who doesn't love butterflies?

I used the beautiful wings embosslit while I was at it to make some wall decorations for my future crafting space! I love the fact that the big shot and dies can cut through felt. I've even managed to get some types of felt to show up a pretty good pattern after going through the embossing folders.

Anyhoo, I'm off to put my feet up for the 5 minutes I'll be lucky to get before the twins' "Mummy is having a rest" radar goes off :) I'll be making a card for the party too, so I'll pop back and post when it's finished! I'm thinking top note easel.. but we'll see what actually happens later!

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  1. Love the notebook idea and I have to agree butterflies are cool!!! x