Sunday, January 15, 2012

Butterflies part two

Here is a quick post, just to show the rest of the present I made for Ollie's friend's birthday.

First, the easel card to go with the present:
If you look veeeeeeeery closely, you might be able to see a sneak peek of one of the awesome items available in the upcoming Sale-a-bration! (How about the first person to spot it and comment will get a special gift from me...ready, set, go!)

Next we have the totally gorgeous (modest, aren't I ;)) gift bag to put all the goodies in. I found the very easy to follow tutorial for this bag on Jenny Hayward's blog. It was very simple to put together, and I think it looks so cute! I can see myself making loads more of these in the future.

And finally, a group shot of the loot :)

Ta-ta for now... I'll be back with more pretties after our little family trip - if we all survive!


  1. Is it the butterfly brad? Or do I not count coz I think you already showed it to me :P

    I ADORE the bag, will have to have a crafty sesh soon, I need to have some cards ready to go, so I'm not floundering around like I was today!

    Tis me, by the way, I cannot log in, due to Paul :P

  2. Hi Lou,

    I like your bag. It looks great!I am glad you found the tutorial easy to follow. Enjoy making more.

    Jenny x