Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mocha Diamonds

Woohoo... first post of the year! It's only taken me 6 days :) I'm actually amazed that I managed to get anything made to post about - having all the kids at home is not the best for the creative juices :)
Thankfully my darling husband had a birthday yesterday, so I had a reason to force myself to get jiggy with the stamping (yeah, I know.. I'm a sad, sad individual).

So here is my creation.

I love the mocha morning dsp - it's got such a lovely, decadent feel to it. It works really well for masculine cards too. The diamond fold technique is really quite simple, it just looks involved. This one only took about an hour to make - which is quick for me. That included measuring, cutting, choosing card/paper, watching tv, talking to people, spilling my delish frozen pina colada all over the table, cleaning it all up, getting a fresh drink and eating malteasers :) I'm so proud of how I can multi task ;)

Anyway, that's it for now. I have some grand plans for the near future, so hopefully I'll get some peace and quiet to see them through!

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